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RCA Lyra MC2602 –

Last February, I got a gift. A Lyra MP3 player. It was my first one and… I believe the last RCA device that I ever own.
This device was working fine until, some day, it started to be very slow to start up… then it started to loop at the start up (Please wait…. RCA…. Please wait… ). Well, I thought that something was wrong with my MP3 files (mostly pod-casts actually), so I formatted the device, refilled the battery… and… nothing new. Still looping.

I found this little button “Reset” and I was so happy ’cause I thought that I just found the way to reset my MP3 player to its initial state. I was disappointed. This button was not more that a reset that actually restarts the player or shut it down.

I tried to find a firmware to update it but guess what… RCA web site does not even list it in the download page. Even more, if I try to fill the contact form (the only on-line contact information), I got stuck with the postal code. It only accepts US zip codes and I live in Canada.

That is, I am still trying to find a way to fix my player because it is a gift. Otherwise I would have thrown it already….


7 thoughts on “RCA Lyra MC2602 –”

  1. having exact same problem, except now along with RCA then please wait.. it tells me the keys are locked. I have emailed RCA and they are “supposed” to get back to me within 2 business days. Sept 24/07

  2. I sent them the device since a week now. I am waiting for a reply. I will keep you informed on whether or not they will finally send me back a brand new one since mine is still under warranty.

  3. I have the same problem with my RCA, but It was a gift and I live in Cuba, I need to find the firmware or a method to fix my mp3. Can anybody help me?

  4. Hi Jose,

    It’s actually hopless…. I sent my MP3 player to RCA (Thomson) and they did not yet sent me back my money (since december 2007). A couple of days ago, I finally got them on the phone and they told me that they will refund me half the price because I did not send them a proof of purchase with the purchasing price. I actually did because they asked me to put the original one with the MP3 player.
    I think that RCA/ THOMSON have a huge issue with these MP3 players and they are trying to save money…

    Conclusion: I will never buy even an RCA battery.

    My money: burried…


  5. Hi Samir:
    I cant’t even send my mp3 to get my half money back haha, At least I will preserve my rca as a memory. Thank you for answer my question.
    Saludos JC.

  6. bonsoir a tous!
    g un mp3 rca lyra mc2602. il a fonctionné environ une semaine et puis maintenant a chaque fois que je l’allume en cliquant sur le boutton “lecture” il renvoi un msg “already exists”. j l’ai fomaté mai ca ne donne rien
    si je clique sur n’importe quel boutton on me renvoi “alreasy exists”
    pouvez vous m”aider a reglé ce problème

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