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RCA Lyra MC2602… Continue

After having spent weeks unsuccessfully trying to find a firmware update for my MP3 player, I sent an email via RCA web site to the support (faking a US postal code since the form is only for US residents). I received a reply pretty quickly that suggested me to call 866-449-7112 for any support information (they could simply publish this phone number on their web site. No?).

I called, and now I am going to send them the device. By the way, they confirmed me that there is no update for this device.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “RCA Lyra MC2602… Continue”

  1. Well, actually the story is a bit long 🙂

    I sent my RCA device to the address specified on the user guide (in Canada, it is located at Mississauga Ontario) and after calling a couple of times, they told me that they did not have the model in their stocks and that I have to wait a couple of weeks. I called back, and the delay was again the same…. Anyway, I finally got a replacement device (Opal MC4002) but it did not have the FM radio capability. I called them and we had an agreement in that they were going to refund me. I’ve sent back the Opal device last week and I am waiting for their check.

    I have sent the device back in september and I still cannot listen to my podcasts neither the radio while on transportation.

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