ASP.NET AJAX Collapsible form section

There are many cases where we may need to implement complex forms that contain multiple sections that can be hidden or shown depending on the user’s entries. The issue we encounter in such scenarios is that the section we want to hide or show may contain validators that must be disabled in order to let the form to post back. This can be easily achieved using a server side code, but it involves a round trip to the server which we would like to avoid for performance reasons.

I have written a generic AJAX enabled control that will help you, very easily, to hide or show a form section with client side code (Javascript) so that you no longer have to worry about all the plumbing in JS that manages validators.

You can find the article that describes the solution along with the source code on the following link: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/ajax/AJAX_Collapsible_form.aspx


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